For those of you who have not only being attending class but going one further and paying mindful attention to your practice you'll be aware Parsvottanasana has been on the schedule for a few weeks now...!!so to emphasis my new found love of this Asana, here's a bit more for you to work on at home  or even in the garden.

1. Stand at front of Mat,Tadasana, 2 blocks for support - judge the height of blocks for your body.
2.Come into Uttanasana, forward bend, hands on blocks and start awakening the legs/spine, really focusing on rolling your shoulders back and down, lenghtening the sternum away from the navel. Legs FIRM.
3.Step Left foot back, again the distance relevant to your mobility,keep hips level, legs straight,arms straight, spine on this, abide in the asana and find a way to create levelness and stability in the asana.
4. Remember to breath, lifting front of thighs, drawing outside edge of right hip bone back and left hip bone forward, keep bringing the shoulder blades down away from the neck, back of head in line with spine.
5. Firm that left leg, its' your anchor, press into the outer edge of left heel...use a blanket under heel if it doesn't reach the floor.Are the muscles on either side of the spine working? Do you feel aligned?
6. Relax the breath and be fully in your body, bend the front leg, step both feet together, return to Uttansana, pause before repeating on left side.

Finally - remember to enjoy it - do Adho Mukha Svanasana,( Downward Facing Dog)  before and after this Asana and feel the difference, in your hips, calves/hamstrings. It helps extend and open into these areas and helps develop balance.


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