My Siting room at Reeks Lodge, Beaufort...very serious.

 My Bedroom, trying to do crane pose, my bum should be lower...and below that, Aileen and I thrusting each other!! She is in Ustrasana and I'm doing a version of Pinchu Mariyasana.
Padangustasana in my shades and bolivian hat...a bored sunday no doubt!!


Keel Creche      
Yoga For Children
3.15pm - 4.00pm
30€ for 6 weeks

A Fit Body Gym, Killorglin
50€ for 6 weeks - Starting 16th April

Caitin's Pub,Kells
All Levels,
5.30pm - 6.30pm
€10 drop in

A Fit Body Gym,Killorglin
All Levels
7.15 - 8.30pm
10€drop in, 70€ fro 8 weeks, Loyalty Card Available

A Fit Body Gym,Killorglin
9.30am - 19.45am - All Levels - Loyalty Card Available
11.00am - 12.00pm - Yoga for Seniors
8.30pm - 9.30pm - Yoga for Men
Cost varies, depending on class

Ballyfinnane Community Centre
All Levels
6.50pm - 7.50pm
70€ for 8 weeks - ongoing registeration.

Beaufort Community Centre
All Levels
6.00pm - 7.15pm
€70 for 8 weeks

Contact Bridget for more details or  Join me on FACEBOOK:yogainkerry
087 658 19 47


I joined a yoga class 2 years ago and find it wonderfully relaxing, challenging and stimulating. I am in my late sixties and my biggest regret is that I did not discover this wonderful method of staying agile, flexable and energised many years ago.

I started doing yoga because I wanted to get fit and get flexible.  From doing yoga I found a sense of energy and well being afterwards. I would encourage everyone to give yoga a try, it is both challenging and rewarding.

I have been doing yoga for three years. I used to suffer from persistent lower back pain. Yoga has almost entirely eradicated this - how do I know? Because if I stop for even a couple of weeks it comes back. Yoga is fantastic for my flexibility and I believe a lot of men would benefit from regular yoga.


I discovered yoga in 1992 whilst a student at University, from that first class I was hooked, I loved trying to get my body into unusual shapes and found a joy from it unlike other forms of ‘excercise’. I continued to attend a weekly class and eventually discovered Iyengar Yoga in London which is what I personally practise now. I began to take yoga more seriously, attending more classes, workshops and weekend yoga retreats.

Yoga is physically demanding and helps me become more aware of how my mind works, I like to feel I have developed a sense of calmness, tolerance and general awareness in relation to my own feelings and those of others. Yoga continues to challenge me physically and mentally, from my ongoing practise and teaching I am learning so much more about who I am , what I want to do and the joy that this brings.

In March 2007 I eventually decided to train to teach general yoga and have been teaching in Kerry since May 2007. I continued  my training in Dublin, under Gordon Austin, Senior Iyengar Teacher Trainer at the Dublin Iyengar Yoga Centre - 'iyoga'  in Phibsborough, graduating as an Iyengar Teacher in October 2010. I attempt to return annually to India to study under Usha Devi,senior Iyengar Instructor, based in Rishikesh. I am  continuing my studies at 'iyoga' in the Iyengar Method, returning frequently to update my skills, continue learning and passing my knowledge on to to my students here in Kerry.

Teaching in the last 4 + years has been a real learning curve for me, meeting such a wide variety of people and seeing them progress, reminds me so much of how it was for me in the beginning. As I continue to develop and learn more, I get huge joy sharing my knowledge with my students. I enjoy growing alongside my students through our mutual love of yoga and the benefits it brings to our lives in its own individual way.

I run classes for all levels, ages and abilities: adults, older people, children, athletes, school groups and private tuition. Private tuition can be organised at the students convenience. All equipment provided and classes tailored for students needs. Check out the timetable for a class near you and give me a call if you'd like to drop in to any.