CARAGH LAKE, FEBRUARY 2012, Molly and a pair of lovebird Swans.

Here in Tuamgraney, at the EAST CLARE YOGA CENTRE, ( where Susanne Sturtton runs a beautiful yoga centre. There is a visiting teacher here this weekend, Julie Brown, Senior Iyeangar Teacher from Manchester, UK. Had a wonderful yoga session with her last night, worked on Standing Asanas, Trikonasana, Parsvakonasana to name but a few and found so many new areas once again that need 'tweaking', I liked her use of the word 'slicing' back the outer arms, outer calves, and outer knees - all will make sense when I regurgitate back to students in classes next week. She emphasised the importance of rolling the shoulders back as well, keeping that chest open - let the heart open.

It's not always about the physical aspects of working in an Asana, what happens in the mind directly effects whats happening in the body...the two are connected, when we focus the mind on the body, one hopes the mind will be tamed, yoga helps us build on this connection, nurture it and improve our lives both off and on the matt.

Returning again this morning for a  3 hour class, was up at 6.30 am (NOT normal for me) and had a beautiful walk overlooking Lough Derg - almost as stunning as Caragh Lake!! It is a lovely part of the country. Some of you have already met Susanne and I hope to have her back in Kerry again for a work shop in Killorglin, perhaps, June, before breaking up for the Summer.

Well, finally, some KARMA YOGA, I will be doing a clean up of CARAGH LAKE on 21ST APRIL, meeting at 10am - 11am. down on lake shore, I have green bags, gloves and some pick up sticks if anyone wants to pop along. Post comment here, or FACEBOOK ' yogainkerry',

Namaste, Bridget

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