Happy Easter to you all, No classes next week, back from monday16th April, Lets hope we can all remain as calm and serene as the Golden Rabbit above!! I'm walking the ' BARROW WAY' with Jess, 4 days, 25km per day, tent on back..she has been busy practising by walking quickly around the kitchen table!! Meanwhile, I've been experimenting with 'Chi Running', guess who'll be first past the finishing line each evening - watch this space. She also does yoga, so at least we can compare hamstring tightness and shoulder pain each day.

After the walk, 13/14/15th April,  I'll be Back in Dublin, with the DUBLIN IYENGAR YOGA INSTITUTE, who have organised for Bobby Clennell ( www.bobbyclennell.com) senior teacher based in New York to come and do a full on weekend workshop. I was at her this time last year and still use her notes...apparently we are doing some work on HANUMANASANA, other wise know as the splits - front ways...so guess that will be on the menu for classes after Easter!!  Bobby has a great Book, 'Yoga for Women', that I use frequently, she is also an artist and has illustrated all the pictures in her book, not only does it look beautiful, it is a fantastic book, and the sequences inside can be done by men as well!!

Well, once again, wishing you all a great Easter, looking forward to the break and a week away from Kerry, Computer and Phone as much as possible!! ( Although had a walk/run up the Gap of Dunloe this PM after class in Beaufort and thought isn't Kerry Beautiful, why leave it!!)

One last PS. Watched the 'Men of Arlington House' on RTE tonight, lived for a few years near it, and my  Housemate and Cousin, Sharon,  worked there, often called in, a great programme, very moving.

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