I started this Blog roughly this time last year, and don't think I ever actually got around to using it, so here goes, I have a new website, thanks to Johanne Guillfoyle for doing it all for me, check it out www.yogainkerry.com. I am hopless at computers so without her patience and support it would never be...I just have to use it now after all her effort. Again, I head off to India, Back to Rishikesh and a daily regime of yoga under the beady watchful eyes of Usha Devi!!! There will be no respite, I do love it there and find it challenging to keep up a full practice daily, but it allows me to be in an environemnt where all that happens is yoga. One can forget about the real world for a while and I'll be focusing a lot on my Supta Virasana and trying to get my lower Lumbar to broaden and not dip, the bane of my life. I will aslo start exploring the asanas for the next level in the Iyengar Certification, having got my Level 1 there in October 2010. If I'm really good, I may even post some Pictures ....all posts and comments welcome. I must try and get peoples emails and put a link on my face book as well I guess, The next step to modernising myself.

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